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Helping Your Kids Adjust with the Moving

Moving with KidsKids are more sensitive than you are. So don’t expect them to accept your decision to move to another place in a week. Expect that the idea of moving might not be acceptable for them. But through your little ways, you can help your kids accept this great change in their lives.

1. Inform your kids of the moving as soon as possible. Your kids need enough time to think about the moving and to little by little accept this major change in their usual routine. Consider that your kids have some good friends in your current area and their school can already be a good place for them.

With enough time, your kids will be able to jam with their friends or classmates or spend some time in their favorite place before you finally leave.

2. Be open to your kid’s questions about the moving. An open communication is very important in any relationship, especially parent-child relationship. This also applies in the moving.

Your worry about this is maybe that you might not have all the answers to your questions. That is okay, anyway. Besides, you kid’s questions will give you an idea on how they feel about the moving. You can use these questions to help them with their real concerns about your soon moving. Try to involve them during the moving process or help them find a good school, park, mall, or other places of interests in your moving location.

3. Influence kids with your attitude. Do you want your kids to be upbeat and positive about the moving? Then better have that attitude. Your kids will feel it and they will surely be influenced of how you feel about the moving.

4. Give your kids the chance to help in the moving process. Moving is not only a sad moment for your kids. This can also be a chance for them to get involved and feel that they can do something important for the family.

You can start this by asking your kid of the things they can do. Know also how they think they can get ready for the soon moving.

Also, your kid’s efforts, whether small or big, should be valued and appreciated greatly. Never forget to say how thankful you are that they did this or that. Praise them and they will be more enthusiastic for the moving.

Moving can be a very hard time for your kids. But with your help, love, and care, you can surely make your kids feel that moving is okay, or somehow, a part of life. Adjusting to the new environment will also be a lot easier as long as your kids know that you are there.

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