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How to Safely Pack Lamps and Lampshades
Published on Tuesday, 14 July 2009

How to Safely Pack Lamps and Lampshades How to Safely Pack Lamps and Lampshades How do you usually pack fragile household items such as expensive lamps and treasured lampshades?  Are you the type of a person who nonchalantly packs these without considering the fragility of the objects?  Or you do you really care about how these should be packed?  Well, if you are the former, then the following tips are going to be beneficial to you:  All fragile household items such as lamps and lampshades should be well protected.  And the best way to protect them is to have every detachable part wrapped with any soft materials or provide cushioning on the delicate part.    When you have lampshades that are made of silk materials, never allow any other item to be wrapped along with it.  The silk being a delicate material should be boxed alone because any friction that may happen on the material can cause damage.    Always ensure that lampshade boxes have the mark “fragile” so that movers and even yourself can easily determine that the box needs extra care when being moved.   These are some of the safety measures that one can take when fragile items such as lampshades are being moved out to another place.  So, better take note of all these as these are very helpful tips!

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