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Calculating Costs of Moving Insurance
Published on Wednesday, 09 December 2009

Calculating Costs of Moving Insurance
Moving insurance is a necessity when you choose a moving company for protection over any accidents that may occur to your possessions during your move. So here are some tips to ensure your belongings are properly ensured.
1.  To assess your property for moving insurance, you have to first write down all your possessions and its approximate weight. Next you have to assign a replacement value for each box or item. This means the amount of money required to repair or replace the items in the box. Make sure you inform the moving company about any valuables and antiques that require special attention whilst packing and insuring them.
2.  Make sure you take photos of all your possessions, especially the expensive and sentimental items. This will be required for proof if you have to make a claim.
3.  Next, you have to add up the weight and value of your possessions to find out if the moving company has sufficient insurance to provide for its coverage.
4.  This done, you have to find out exactly how much liability coverage the moving company provides for property loss and damage. Once they draw out an insurance contract, ensure that it matches your own list and value.
5.  If it does not match, find out the maximum insurance the company provides to check it is enough for your possessions.
6.  Next, you have to find out how the company submits claims. Don't forget to check if they have any outstanding claims and complaints.
This done, don't forget to compare rates and quotes from different companies before deciding and settling down with one company. 

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