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7 Tips to Packing Your Things
Published on Friday, 27 November 2009

7 Tips to Packing Your Things
Panicking won't help in packing your things properly. Instead of cramming or getting too excited, better be wise and pack your things through following these tips:
1.    Pack things room per room. You can also ask your kids to pack their things in their rooms so they can help you with the packing.
2.    Use only sturdy and big boxes as much as possible. These boxes will give you more rooms for more items. Don't forget to seal the box's lid and label each box of the items inside.
3.    Seal the box's bottom using a packaging tape. You can put a stronger cardboard on the bottom as well for added strength.
4.    Use old newspapers and bubble wraps to wrap fragile items before putting them in the box.
5.    Fill in the box with items that you can only lift.
6.    Separately pack the things you will need for the first week of stay in the new house.
7.    Balance items inside the box by putting in heavy and light items. For instance, you can put glasses inside the box and on the top, you can put towels, curtains, or bed sheets.
The success of your moving will start from packing. Following these seven tips to packing your things will at least insure you'll have a less hassle moving.

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