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Are You Moving ? Learn the Things to Include in Your Moving Checklist

Moving ChecklistHurrying up can just be a waste of time. So before you realize this, better be warned and be prepared. How else can you be able to do that but by preparing a checklist? Doing this will help you plan your moving and get through that without the stress! Below are some of the things you should include in your moving checklist:

Deposits and everything in the apartment. Make sure to turn off the lights before you leave the apartment and get your deposits.

Inform the telephone and power company of your moving so they can cut their services the day you leave the house or after the last payment of bill.

Taking photos of the place before you leave it will be useful in case your landlord accuse you of being an irresponsible tenant. Be sure to lock the apartment. Read the water and electric meter so you won’t have any problems regarding paying the bills later.

Necessities for the new place. Get maps, keys, and other information you need about the new place. This will help you in planning your moving well for a better organization of things.

Vehicle needs. Your vehicle is necessary for bringing all your things to the new place. Before you regret that you took for granted your vehicle, have it fueled up now. Check its status like the brake oil, coolant, extra tire, and transmission. You can hire a local mechanic to do this if you don’t have any know-how about vehicles aside from driving. Make sure also that you have tools that can help you repair vehicle troubles.

Count family member and pets. Before you finally drive to your new place, make sure to check if everyone is in the vehicle. You don’t want your little puppy to be left behind in your old place or you little Johnny be left there crying.

Buckle up for safety. Don’t start driving unless everyone has buckled up for safety.

Travel documents and kits. These are very important if you’re moving to other state. Have these documents and kits at hand in case the police will check for them.

Cash. Make sure that you wallet is inside your pocket or within an easy search. Better leave some dollar bills in your other pockets. Give your kids some bills too so they can have some money in case of emergency.

These are just some things you need to include in your moving checklist. Every person or family has their unique needs too. Better determine those so you can include them in your moving checklist.

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